Monday Night RAW #244
Promotion WWF
Date January 26, 1998
Venue Davis Recreational Hall
City Davis, California
Previous episode January 12, 1998
Next episode February 2, 1998

The January 26, 1998 Edition of RAW is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's RAW brand, which took place on January 26, 1998 at Davis Recreational Hall in Davis, California.

Episode RecapEdit

DX BackstageEdit

Backstage: Triple H is being interviewed for his match for Owen Hart while Chyna wrapping his knee up. Chyan whispers something in Shawn Michaels's ear and he says for the potential Mike Tyson and Stone Cold Steve Austin match for Wrestlemania 14, he wants to offer his services as a referee.

Vader vs GoldustEdit

Goldust and Luna are both dressed up like Vader. Quick battle, with Vader picking up the win with the Vader Bomb. Then the lights go out and here comes Kane. Kane enters the ring and Vader goes right after Kane, beating him. Vader plants Kane and goes after Paul Bearer, which allows Kane to attack Vader. Kane took down Vader with the Tombstone.

Owen Hart vs GoldustEdit

Despite Luna hitting Owen at ringside and later hitting him with a crutch as he hit the ropes, Owen made Goldust tap to the sharpshooter. DX pops up, calling that Owen Hart a fool for what happened. However, WWF Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter makes his way down to the ring and says that his eyesight was not as good as he used to be, so he says that as far as he sees it, Owen Hart beat Triple H, in a match for the WWF European Championship, so he’s the champion. Triple H goes nuts.


Singles Match: Vader defeated TAFKA Goldust (w/ Luna)
Singles Match for the WWF European Championship: Owen Hart defeated TAFKA Goldust (sub. for Triple H) (w/ Luna) to win the WWF European Championship

Image GalleryEdit

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