Monday Night RAW #245
Promotion WWF
Date February 2, 1998
Venue Market Square Arena
City Indianapolis, Indiana
Previous episode January 26, 1998
Next episode February 9, 1998

The February 2, 1998 Edition of RAW is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE, which took place on February 2, 1998 at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Episode RecapEdit

Cactus Jack vs Chainsaw Charlie; AftermathEdit

New Age Outlaws interfered, rolling them off the stage while both men were trapped inside a dumpster. Several agents, EMTs, and superstars came out to check on both men. An emotional Sunny was heard yelling for someone to help both men. She stayed by their side until the ambulance took them away.

Billy Gunn vs Owen HartEdit

Owen Hart beat up on Gunn for a while, angry about what just happened with the dumpster. Road Dogg rushes in, then here came Chyna, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels and it is a five on one beatdown on Owen Hart. Owen Hart is knocked out by the beating and Shawn Michaels suggests for the Outlaws to throw Owen off the ramp to his doom, but WWF Officials scramble to stop the Outlaws.

Marc Mero vs MoshEdit

Marc Mero got on the mic and told Sable to disrobe him. Marc Mero sends Sable to the back (because according to Mero she steals his spotlight) and then brings out Goldust, dressed like Marilyn Manson. The Headbangers are not happy about this, as their idol is Marilyn Manson. Mero won after a low blow & roll up.

Steve Austin vs Road DoggEdit

DX came out and attacked Austin along with the Outlaws until Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie, looking like they literally broke out of the hospital came to make the save.


Singles Match for the European Championship: Owen Hart (c) defeated Billy Gunn (w/ The Road Dogg) by DQ in a WWF European Championship match when DX interfered and attacked Owen.

Singles Match: Marc Mero (w/ Sable) defeated Mosh

Singles Match: Steve Austin defeated The Road Dogg (w/ Billy Gunn) by DQ when DX came out and attacked Austin.

Image GalleryEdit

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