Extreme Championship Wrestling #11
Promotion WWE
Date August 22, 2006
Venue Wachovia Arena
City Wilkes Barre, PA
Previous episode August 15, 2006
Next episode August 29, 2006

The August 22, 2006 Edition of ECW is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's ECW brand, took place on August 22, 2006.

Episode SummaryEdit

Bikini Contest turns into 6-Person Mixed TagEdit

After Mike Knox and Test stopped the Extreme Bikini Contest between ECW's Kelly Kelly and RAW's Torrie Wilson, Dreamer and fellow ECW original, Sandman, stormed to the ring.

Sandman challenged Knox, Test and Kelly to a Six Person Mixed Tag Team Match against him, Dreamer and Torrie. The beautiful Diva got the action started when she dragged Kelly into the ring by her hair, and she went on to yank up her sequined bikini bottoms and give Kelly a Facial.

Knox & Test would soon take over, but even though they tried to double-team their opponents, Sandman was able to pull off his signature Rolling Rock Senton Bomb and White Russian Leg Sweep before Dreamer hit Knox with a powerful DDT for the pin and the win. Dreamer, Sandman and Torrie celebrated the huge victory over Test and Knox in the ring, as the ECW originals have been facing off with the two new Extremists in one of the most bitter rivalries currently in ECW.

Kevin Thorn vs Balls MahoneyEdit

From bitter to biters, Vampire Kevin Thorn took on ECW original Balls Mahoney in the night's Extreme Rules Match. Thorn inflicted serious injury on Balls with his walking stick, but Balls retaliated by pounding Thorn's head into the announce table and smashing a bottle of water into his face. Balls was about to take a chair in the ring to do some serious damage, but Ariel bit him in the leg. Thorn took the opportunity to grab Balls and hit him with what looked like a modified jawbreaker for the pin and the win. Ariel was so excited that she wrapped her legs around Thorn's waist and the two shared an extreme moment in the ring.



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