Extreme Championship Wrestling #13
Promotion WWE
Date September 6, 2006
Venue Columbus Civic Center
City Columbus, Ohio
Previous episode August 29, 2006
Next episode September 12, 2006

The September 5, 2006 Edition of ECW is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's ECW brand, took place on September 5, 2006.

Episode SummaryEdit

Extreme Rules Tag Team MatchEdit

That Extreme Rules Match may have been botched, but the evening began with an awesome match that fired up even the most old school ECW fan. ECW originals Rob Van Dam and Sabu teamed up against Test and Mike Knox in an Extreme Tag Match. After tagging in RVD, Sabu set up a table outside the ring and grabbed his favorite extreme object: the steel folding chair. While RVD, Test and Knox fought on the apron, Sabu did a flying leap off a chair onto them and all four men went crashing through the table outside the ring.

Sabu and RVD used to train together and it showed. The cohesive pair worked together to get the win through some well executed teamwork. Earlier in the match, they gave double leg lariats to Knox. Then while giving Knox the camel clutch, Sabu held a chair in front of his opponent's face for RVD to kick. Finally, the ECW originals performed the unthinkable when they leapt from opposite corners to hit Knox with two legdrops through a table in the middle of the ring. A devastated Sabu rolled over and pinned Knox for the 1-2-3 and the win. All four Extremists were left motionless after the exhausting match, and the fans showed their appreciation for the hard fought match. watch

Balls Mahoney vs Stevie RichardsEdit

Fellow ECW Originals Balls Mahoney and Stevie Richards had a match Tuesday as well, but before they could even take to the ring, Ariel, accompanied by boyfriend Kevin Thorn, came out and jumped on ECW announcer Joey Styles' lap. Styles called for help from fellow announcer Tazz, but got none. Earlier in the night, Ariel was reading her Tarot cards to Thorn. Apparently, the cards held something very sexual for the night.

Eventually, Ariel and Thorn retreated to their ringside seats to watch the match. Balls and Richards exchanged many blows and holds, and the rabid crowd rallied behind Mahoney, who went into a series of punches on Richards while the ECW fans shouted "Balls." As he was winding up for the very last punch, Thorn jumped up on the apron and looked like he was going to jump in on the action. Balls went over and hit him with the last punch, but Ariel distracted the referee allowing her boyfriend to hit Balls in the head with his cane, knocking him out. Richards covered Balls for the pin and the win and Mahoney was left motionless, face down in the mat.


  • Extreme Rules Tag Team Match: Sabu & Rob Van Dam def. Test & Mike Knox (w/ Kelly Kelly) (12:58)
  • Singles Match: Stevie Richards def. Balls Mahoney (2:41); Ariel and Kevin Thorn sat at ringside for the match.

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