Extreme Championship Wrestling #16
Promotion WWE
Date September 26, 2006
Venue Tulsa Convention Center
City Tulsa, Oklahoma
Previous episode September 19, 2006
Next episode October 3, 2006

The September 26, 2006 Edition of ECW is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's ECW brand, took place on September 26, 2006.

Episode SummaryEdit

Francine vs ArielEdit

ECW on Sci Fi this week was also host to an Extreme Cat Fight between the sultry Vixens, Francine and Ariel. Following their altercation the week before, both fiery women were ready for extreme action on Tuesday night, but before they battled, Ariel gave Francine an impromptu tarot card reading.

"You'll be fat, ugly, pregnant and dreaming of being with someone as masculine as Kevin Thorn," the seductive succubus told Francine, causing the ECW Original to lunge at her Cat Fight opponent.

In a preview of Extreme Strip Poker on Oct. 10, Francine disrobed Ariel and mounted the vampiress until Thorn entered the ring to end the melee. Storming the ring to help his fellow ECW Original, Balls Mahoney came in to break up the double-team and rescue Francine. Before the bloodlusting couple could retreat, Balls blasted Thorn with a chair, full-swing and ECW Originals stood tall.

CM Punk, Kelly, & Mike Knox backstageEdit

CM Punk's monologue was unexpectedly interrupted by one of Punk's biggest fans, Kelly Kelly. The gorgeous exhibitionist adored Punk's tattoos and mildly flirted with the straightedge Extremist, then asked Punk if he could help her prepare for Extreme Strip Poker in less than two weeks. Before CM Punk could respond, Mike Knox stepped in and grabbed his girlfriend to end their conversation. The overprotective Knox then questioned Punk and his motives with Kelly.

"That fence you seem to build around [Kelly] isn't high enough… she's trying to get into my yard," Punk told Knox, resulting in an intense staredown between the two. Knox then said after he was done straightening out Kelly, he'll be looking for Punk, who welcomed Knox's challenge. This unique issue between these three is clearly far from over; will this explode next week on ECW on Sci Fi?


  • Extreme Catfight: Ariel (w/ Kevin Thorn) vs. Francine ended in a no contest (1:00)


  • Ariel's first match.
  • Francine's first match and last appearance.

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