Extreme Championship Wrestling #17
Promotion WWE
Date October 3, 2006
Venue Landon Arena
City Topeka, Kansas
Previous episode September 26, 2006
Next episode October 10, 2006

The October 3, 2006 Edition of ECW is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's ECW brand, took place on October 3, 2006.

Episode SummaryEdit

Kelly Kelly and Trinity backstageEdit

Knox may have been able to cover up his girlfriend on ECW on Sci Fi this week, but he may not be able to step in on Oct. 10 when Kelly competes in the first-ever Extreme Strip Poker on Sci Fi. In preparation for the sexiest card game ever, Divas Kelly and Trinity talked about their upcoming competition. Adorned only in two Ace cards, the revealing Kelly stood by as Trinity pumped and perked two of her most extreme assets.

Kevin Thorn vs Tommy DreamerEdit

In other action, the peculiar Kevin Thorn faced Tommy Dreamer in a highly physical blow-for-blow contest. Overcoming a ghastly gutbuster, Dreamer was able to synch Thorn and deliver a DDT. Ariel again interfered and slipped Thorn's foot on the rope to break Dreamer's pinfall attempt. An instance later, with the referee distracted, Thorn used his walking stick to bash Dreamer's skull and earn another substantial victory.

Maria backstageEdit

Maria said she [and Candice Michelle] can't wait until Extreme Strip Poker, but Maria is confused by the rules.

CM Punk vs Danny Doring; Kelly's ExposeEdit

Another new blood Extremist who gained another victory on ECW on Sci Fi was CM Punk who maintained his extreme undefeated streak with a win over Danny Doring. Punk upheld his streak and afterwards, was called to from the stage by the stunning Kelly Kelly who applauded Punk on his victory. As the CM Punk fan prepared for a very special exposé, Kelly's boyfriend Mike Knox rushed to the stage and quickly curtailed the corporeal exhibition.

Still in the ring, the straightedge Extremist addressed Knox, saying that the problem isn't Punk staying away from Knox's girlfriend, but the problem is Knox's girl staying away from Punk. Instantly, Knox headed to the ring to confront Punk, but just as he made his way up the steps, Knox had a change of heart and backed away. Will this issue ever explode between these competitors? Where will Kelly Kelly stand if it comes to blows between these men?

Ashley, & Kristal backstageEdit

Kristal and Ashley said they would win the extreme strip poker game.


  • Singles Match: Kevin Thorn (w/ Ariel) def. Tommy Dreamer (3:05)
  • Singles Match: CM Punk def. Danny Doring (1:10); after the bout, Kelly Kelly appeared on the stage, congratulated Punk on his win and then danced for him until Mike Knox came out.

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