Extreme Championship Wrestling #21
Promotion WWE
Date October 31, 2006
Venue Bradley Center
City Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Previous episode October 24, 2006
Next episode November 7, 2006

The October 31, 2006 Edition of ECW is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's ECW brand, took place on October 31, 2006.

Episode SummaryEdit

Kevin Thorn vs SabuEdit

A series of Extreme Elimination Chamber qualifying matches would take place to determine which four men would compete alongside RVD for Big Show's ECW World Title at December to Dismember. The next man to qualify was Sabu who defeated the bizarre Kevin Thorn in an intense, highly physical encounter on ECW on Sci Fi.

Rebecca interviewed SandmanEdit

Rebecca conducted a backstage interview with the Sandman regarding possibly facing Umaga at Cyber Sunday in which the Sandman ended up caning someone dressed as a clown for Halloween.

Divas Halloween Costume ContestEdit

Featuring three of the Sexiest Women on Television, yet another treat for ECW fans on the All Hallow's Eve edition of ECW on Sci Fi was the Diva Halloween Costume Contest between Kelly Kelly, Trinity and Ariel. Though Kelly's CM Punk costume was popular with ECW fans in attendance, the Wisconsin crowd gave the win to a "caution" tape clad Trinity.

Disgusted by his girlfriend's costume, Mike Knox marched to the ring and belligerently berated Kelly until CM Punk exploded toward the ring in her defense. Punk blasted Knox and forced him to retreat to the locker room area. Following this embarrassment, an irate Knox laid down a challenge to CM Punk for a match next week on ECW on Sci Fi—a challenge eagerly welcomed and accepted by CM Punk in his weekly Punk Blog.

Rebecca interviewed RVDEdit

Rebecca conducted a backstage interview with Rob Van Dam about Heyman's announcement, with RVD saying he would walk in the challenger and walk out the champion.


  • Extreme Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match Sabu def. Kevin Thorn (w/ Ariel) via submission (4:32)
  • Halloween Costume Contest: Trinity def. Ariel and Kelly Kelly by receiving the loudest audience vote.

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