Extreme Championship Wrestling #40
Promotion WWE
Date March 13, 2007
Venue Sovereign Bank Arena
City Trenton, New Jersey
Previous episode March 6, 2007
Next episode March 20, 2007

The March 13, 2007 Edition of ECW is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's ECW brand, took place on March 13, 2007.

Episode SummaryEdit

Extreme Battle RoyalEdit

The ECW Originals will be fighting for their survival against the New Breed at WrestleMania. In a precursor to their Eight-Man Tag Team Match at sports-entertainment’s greatest spectacle, the two factions faced off in a Battle Royal on ECW on Sci Fi. Tommy Dreamer emerged victorious, overcoming a two-on-one advantage at the end in favor of two of the New Breed's most cunning members, Elijah Burke and Matt Striker. But the real boost for the ECW Originals came after the match.

Extreme ExposeEdit

Kelly, Brooke, & Layla danced to "Boy Looka Here" by Rich Boy.


  • Extreme Battle Royal: Tommy Dreamer def. Elijah Burke, Kevin Thorn (w/ Ariel), Marcus Cor Von, Matt Striker, Rob Van Dam, Sabu & The Sandman (7:03)
  • Matt Striker eliminated The Sandman (0:30)
  • Rob Van Dam & Sabu eliminated Marcus Cor Von (1:50)
  • Kevin Thorn eliminated Sabu (2:20)
  • Rob Van Dam and Kevin Thorn eliminated each other (6:00)
  • Tommy Dreamer eliminated Matt Striker (6:30)
  • Tommy Dreamer eliminated Elijah Burke (7:03)

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