Backstage: Lena Yada congratulated Miz & Morrison on the debut of the dirt sheet last week and showed a video package highlighting the segment. Miz & Morrison talked about about their main event match with Matt Hardy & Mark Henry.

Backstage: Armando Estrada, Theodore Long & Tiffany were talking backstage. Armando Estrada asked Theodore Long to sign his ECW contract that he earned last week. General Manager Theodore Long said they were going to celebrate by making Armando’s first official match with Fit Finlay.

Backstage: Theodore Long & Tiffany were backstage. Ricky Ortiz (calling himself Ricky O) came in and pitched his idea for his own merchandise. Theodore Long said that Ricky Ortiz needs to prove his success in a longer time period. Long said Ortiz would get a chance to face a new Superstar on ECW next week.

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