NXT #22
NXT Wrestling
Promotion WWE
Date November 14, 2012
Venue Full Sail University
City Winter Park, Florida
Previous episode November 7, 2012
Next episode November 21, 2012


Backstage: Layla is backstage putting on makeup, when she’s interrupted by Aksana. Aksana says that Layla’s hair is so bad it makes her looks so good. Layla says she refuses to take grooming advice from Eastern Eurotrash, then says she’ll be giving Aksana a makeover in the ring later tonight.

Aksana: "Hey, Lay. You look great, girl. I love your hair."

Layla: "You really like it?"
Aksana: "[sarcastically] Yes! It looks so bad, it makes me look so good."
Layla: " [irritated] Oh, really now?"
Aksana: "And how do you say, 'real talk'? The other girls in back don't like what have you done with your hair. [shakes head] No."
Layla: "Well, first of all, I don't really care what the girls think. And second of all, I'm not gonna take grooming tips from especially from eastern euro-trash! And of third of all, it's 'real talk' and everyone's gonna be [raises pitch] really talkin~ when I give you this makeover in the ring. So, I'll see you out there.. later on tonight.. and maybe... I'll take out the trash." [laughs]

Singles Match: Layla defeated Aksana (5:23)

  • Layla pinned Aksana after a roundhouse kick.

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