Episode SummaryEdit

Make that two for two on Night of Champions rebounds after Fandango avenged his tapout loss to The Miz by defeating The Awesome One’s former tag partner, R-Truth, in singles competition. Shamed by the “Suntan Superman” in a dance-off on SmackDown last Friday, Fandango came out swinging but his still-gimpy leg (courtesy of Miz’s Figure-Four) hindered him in the early goings. Truth took advantage with a flurry of wild kicks, yet Fandango used his agility to knock Truth silly with a kick of his own, following up on the prone former U.S. Champion with a big leg drop for the win. A perfect ten.

To achieve The American Dream, one must play the game, so to speak. So it was no surprise that, when WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes proved less than receptive to Stephanie McMahon’s much-anticipated “proposition,” “The American Dream” suffered dearly as a result. Stephanie’s offer, as it turned out, was reinstatement for one – but not both – of Dusty’s two sons. either Cody Rhodes (harshly fired by Triple H for rebelliousness) or Goldust (who fought bravely if unsuccessfully to reinstate his brother) would receive a WWE contract, and it was up to Dusty which.

But “The Dream,” unwilling to march to a McMahon’s fife, refused (and that’s putting it politely). After The Shield arrived and seemed poised to strike down the son of a plumber for his insolence, Stephanie called off the attack and instead brought out Big Show for a proposal of his own: Watch The Shield tear “The Dream” apart, or KO Dusty himself and spare him the misery. Caught again between a rock and a hard place, the giant chose the bath of brutal mercy and cut his idol down with a swing of his fist, sending him to a local medical facility for overnight observations. Hard times indeed.

Divas Champion AJ Lee forced the “Total Divas” cast to eat their words at Night of Champions, but the stars of E!’s runaway hit got theirs on Raw when Brie Bella & The Funkadactyls (Naomi & Cameron) stood tall in Six-Diva Tag action … though the tension that’s recently run through the division shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. For one, while it was Brie Bella who scored the deciding pin, Naomi seemed a bit irritated that the Bella Twin forced her way into the match by stealing the tag intended for her.

But the match's thickest tension unfolded outside the ring. With Natalya (whose headset was suspiciously compromised) and AJ Lee at commentary, the war of words between the Hart heiress and black widow continued ominously throughout the match, and ended with Natalya slapping the headset off of AJ after the bell had tolled for her costars' victory. The apparent message from Natalya: AJ bested her once, but it will not happen again.


Singles Match: Fandango (w/ Summer Rae) defeated R-Truth

6-Diva Tag Team Match: Brie Bella & The Funkadatyls (Naomi & Cameron) def. Layla, Alicia Fox & Aksana

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