Armageddon 2003
Promotion WWE
Date December 14, 2003
Venue TD Waterhouse Centre
City Orlando, Florida
Attendance 9,000
Last Event Survivor Series
Next Event Royal Rumble

Show RecapEdit

  • The show opened up with Lilian Garcia singing the US National Anthem.
  • Stacy Keibler came out to celebrate with Mick Foley wearing a cheerleader outfit. She did cartwheels around the ring and jumped into Mick's arms when Evolution's music hit to interrupt the celebration.
  • Eric Bischoff's Battle of the Sexes: Chris Jericho & Christian defeated Trish Stratus & Lita


  • This was Ivory's last pay-per-view match. There was no build up leading to the match as it was a last-minute addition to the card.

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