No Way Out Of Texas
No Way Out Of Texas
Promotion WWF
Date February 15, 1998
Venue Compaq Center
City Houston, Texas
Attendance 16,110
Last Event Royal Rumble
Next Event WrestleMania

Event RecapEdit

The Headbangers vs Marc Mero & The Artist Formerly Known as GoldustEdit

Taka Michinoku vs PanteraEdit

Triple H and Chyna BackstageEdit

Triple H says that they don't need anyone to replace Shawn tonight and they will compete in a handicap match since nobody deserves to team with them. Cole tells him that WWF management have said that they will assign a partner. Triple H says he doesn't care so long as they stay out of the way out there.

Stone Cold Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie vs. Triple H, Savio Vega and the New Age OutlawsEdit


  • Tag Team Match: The Headbangers def. Marc Mero & Goldust (w/ Luna) (13:27)
  • Singles Match for the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship with Sunny as the special guest ring announcer: TAKA Michinoku def. Pantera to retain the title.
  • 8-Man No-Disqualification Tag Team Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin, Cactus Jack, Chainsaw Charlie & Owen Hart def. Triple H (w/ Chyna), The New Age Outlaws & Savio Vega

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