Episode SummaryEdit

Alicia Fox vs Kelly KellyEdit

With Melina forced to vacate the Divas Championship due to a serious leg injury, the first round of the Divas Championship Tournament continued. This week, two leggy lovelies, Alicia Fox and Kelly Kelly, competed to advance in the eight-Diva tourney. When the pixie dust cleared, it was Alicia whose aggression proved too much for Kelly Kelly as she notched the win. Alicia now joins Maryse and Gail Kim in the second round.

Eve vs Katie Lea BurchillEdit

Check your brackets—we're down to the final four. In the Divas Championship Tournament, Eve advanced to the second round with a win over new Raw recruit Katie Lee Burchill, who, along with her brother Paul, had been banished from ECW. Eve next faces off against Maryse while Gail Kim battles Alicia Fox.


  • First Round Match in the Divas Championship Tournament: Alicia Fox defeated Kelly Kelly after countering a hurricanrana into a powerbomb.
  • First Round Match in the Divas Championship Tournament: Eve Torres defeated Katie Lea Burchill after a quick rollup; Maryse did commentary for this match.


Raw Kelly Kelly vs02:20

Raw Kelly Kelly vs. Alicia Fox - Divas Championship Tournament

Raw Eve vs02:12

Raw Eve vs. Katie Lea Burchill - Divas Championship

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