Paul London & Brian Kendrick seemingly have had MNM's number, and they continued their dominance over the tandem at Judgment Day when they defeated them for a sixth straight time to become WWE Tag Team Champions. But that wasn't the only big story coming out of this red hot opening match of Judgment Day. Following the loss, MNM imploded as Johnny Nitro and Melina viciously attacked Joey Mercury.

Throughout the match, Mercury and Nitro worked seamlessly, showing why they are two of the premiere tag team specialists on SmackDown. But, ironically, it was a miscue on a double team maneuver that led to their downfall. With Kendrick knocked down on the outside, Nitro held London from the apron, and Mercury came at him full-steam ahead with a forearm. At the last second, London ducked out of the way and Mercury knocked his tag team partner to the outside and onto Melina. London capitalized on the mistake and rolled up Mercury with a bridge for the pin as the U.S. Airways arena exploded in jubilation.

London & Kendrick jumped around the ring besides themselves, clutching their new prized possessions—the WWE Tag Team Championship belts. Their weeks of dominance over MNM finally paid off. After five straight victories over the former champs, many wondered if they could actually win the big one when the gold was on the line.

The fireworks were far from over when the bell rang, however. Melina got into Mercury's face following the match, blaming him for the loss. After repeatedly poking him in the chest and screaming at him, Melina slapped Mercury across the face with all her might. A frustrated Mercury grabbed Melina's wrist, and this made Nitro snap. Johnny Nitro jumped on his partner like a rabid dog just let out of his cage. Melina continued her rampage, kicking refree Jim Korderas in the groin. The action spilled to the outside, and several officials and General Manager Theodore Long rushed down to break things up. Amidst the chaos, the respected GM took a big spill. MNM had indeed imploded, and left several victims in its wake.

Judgment Day is a night that Melina wishes she could permanently erase from her mind. Just moments after her team, MNM, lost the WWE Tag Team Championship and imploded, she suffered a controversial loss to her former image consultant Jillian, and was punked out by SmackDown interviewer Kristal. To make matters even worse, Melina and Johnny Nitro were fired by General Manager Theodore Long after the Diva slapped the GM in protest of the match.

The two Divas showed that they are much more than just eye candy as they battled in a physical back and forth match. As the match wore on, Jillian was able to come out of the corner with a roll up. Melina managed to get her hand on the bottom rope, but referee Chris Kay was out of position to see it, and counted her shoulders down for the 1-2-3. Despite Melina's protest, Jillian was victorious, and Melina's night continued on a downward spiral.

A livid Melina started to make her way up the ramp, but she was cut off by Kristal. The SmackDown interviewer said, with a big smile on her face, she had to ask the question that is on everyone's mind - "This hasn't been a good night for you, has it?" Melina wound up with a big swing, but Kristal ducked and knocked down the furious Diva. Officials separated the two Divas, forcing an enraged and embarrassed Melina to retreat backstage.

At Judgment Day, Booker T lived up to his promise, and did just what he said he would when he defeated Lashley to become the new King of the Ring. King Booker got help from his wife Sharmell, and later from Finlay as he used a scissor kick to get the pin on the determined newcomer. However, what happened after the match may be what is remembered the most.

King Booker, basking in the glow of his controversial victory, immediately went to try on his newly won crown and robe. Moments later, a furious Lashley, realizing what happened, made his way towards Booker and the throne. Seeing Booker with the crown apparently sent the youngster over the edge, because seconds later, in one of the most memorable moments in King of the Ring history, he speared Booker and his crown through the throne, effectively putting an end to the celebration.

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