Extreme Championship Wrestling #6
Promotion WWE
Date July 18, 2006
Venue American Bank Center
City Corpus Christi, Texas
Previous episode July 11, 2006
Next episode July 25, 2006

The July 18, 2006 Edition of ECW is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's ECW brand, took place on July 18, 2006.

Episode SummaryEdit

Ariel predicted Big Show's title reignEdit

From extreme wrestlers to extreme lifestyles, Ariel the tarot card reader and her Vampire cohort made an appearance this week. It looked like the Vampire had been feeding on Ariel again, and her tarot cards predicted death in the future of Big Show and The Great Khali. This prediction did not come true Tuesday night; could it come true at The Great American Bash?

Kelly's ExposeEdit

Speaking of discipline, Mike Knox told his girlfriend Kelly Kelly that he was putting a stop to her exhibitionist ways. The show started with Kelly trying to scratch her exhibitionist itch on Kelly's Exposé, but once again, her jealous boyfriend stopped her. Knox blamed Kelly for the caning he received from Sandman last week while trying to stop Kelly and RAW Diva Candice Michelle from becoming too intimate.

He went on to order her to stand in his corner to watch his Extreme Rules match with Sandman. Anything goes in an Extreme Rules Match; no disqualifications and no count outs.

Mike Knox vs SandmanEdit

During the match, Knox pulled Kelly in front of him to shield himself from Sandman's signature Singapore cane. Kelly took a devastating shot to the head, but Knox was unphased and proceeded to hit Sandman with several low blows before getting the pin and storming out of the arena. He didn't even check on the incapacitated Kelly, who had to be taken away by paramedics on a stretcher, leaving everyone to wonder what kind of a man he is.


  • Singles Match: Mike Knox (w/ Kelly Kelly) def. The Sandman

Image GalleryEdit

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