Extreme Championship Wrestling #3
Promotion WWE
Date June 27, 2006
Venue Roanoke Civic Center
City Roanoke, Virginia
Previous episode June 20, 2006
Next episode July 4, 2006

The June 27, 2006 Edition of ECW is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's ECW brand, took place on June 27, 2006.

Episode SummaryEdit

Mike Knox vs Danny DoringEdit

Last week, ECW Vixen Kelly was interrupted in the middle of her expose by an unknown man who covered her assets with a towel. This week, it was learned that the man with the towel was actually her boyfriend, Mike Knox. The young exhibitionist accompanied Knox to the ring for his match against Danny Doring, but became distracted when fans repeatedly asked her to show them the goods. After the match, which Knox won in impressive fashion, Kelly took to the stage. Unfortunately for the rabid ECW fans in attendance, Knox again threw in the towel and removed the Vixen from the stage.

RVD vs Kurt AngleEdit

After the match, Van Dam was attacked again by Edge, who delivered on his promise to show up at Sci Fi when he arrived with Lita prior to the main event and claimed two seats in the Roanoke Civic Center’s front row. Edge, who along with John Cena will challenge Van Dam for the WWE Championship at July 15’s Saturday Night Main Event, speared RVD for the second straight night, sending a message to the ECW fan-favorite.


  • Singles Match: Mike Knox (w/ Kelly Kelly) def. Danny Doring (1:54)
  • Singles Match: WWE/ECW World Champion Rob Van Dam def. Kurt Angle in a non-title match (17:11); Edge and Lita sat by ringside to watch the bout.

Image GalleryEdit

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