Monday Night RAW
Promotion WWE
Date May 6, 2013
Venue Roanoke Civic Center
City Roanoke, Virginia
Previous episode April 29, 2013
Next episode May 13, 2013
The May 6, 2013 Edition of RAW is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's RAW brand, which took place on May 6, 2013 at Roanoke Civic Center in Roanoke, Virginia.

Episode summary Edit

Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler Edit

It turns out Alberto Del Rio is every bit as flashy as Dolph Ziggler, but as Raw showed, when it comes to old-school brutality, Jack Swagger has them both beat. The onetime aristocrat unleashed an arsenal every bit as thrilling as The Showoff’s in their one-on-one bout, even giving the champ a run for his money before Swagger and Zeb Colter arrived at commentary and threw The Pride of Mexico off his game.

Ziggler took advantage of the distraction to even the odds, but still found himself in the Cross Armbreaker after a grueling, 20-minute battle. Big E Langston intervened to save The Showoff from the hold, but the would-be rescue inadvertently cost him the match. Swagger retaliated with prejudice, storming the ring and attacking both Superstars with a ladder in an ominous potential preview of their three-way bout at Extreme Rules. In other words, it may be a three-way dance for the World Title, but the “Real American” has no intention of being the forgotten man.

Kaitlyn & The Funkadactyls vs AJ Lee & The Bella Twins Edit

Friends don’t let friends spear each other. Thankfully, Kaitlyn and AJ Lee are no longer friends, so the Divas Champion was free to knock heads and bust chicks when she felled Dolph Ziggler’s gal pal (and the No. 1 contender to her title) in a dynamic, Six-Diva Tag Match on Raw.

AJ had full control of the bout in the early going, (wo)manhandling Cameron with impunity until the Funkadactyl tagged in Kaitlyn. Sensing imminent defeat, AJ moved to summon the Bellas from her corner, but the shrewd sisters wanted no part of the “Hybrid Diva” and promptly amscrayed, leaving AJ to eat the aforementioned spear and suffer the ignominious three-count that followed.


  • Singles Match: Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) defeated Dolph Ziggler (w/ AJ Lee & Big E. Langston) by DQ

Media Edit

Kaitlyn & The Funkadactyls vs02:36

Kaitlyn & The Funkadactyls vs. AJ Lee & The Bella Twins- Raw, May 6, 2013

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