Mickie Laree James-Aldis

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Ring Names Mickie James
La Luchadora
Height 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight 135 lb (61 kg)
Born August 31, 1979 (38)
Richmond, Virginia
Billed Richmond, Virginia
Trained by Funking Conservatory
KYDA Pro Training Schoo
Debut 1999
Mickie Laree James-Aldis is an American professional wrestler, actress, model and country singer signed to WWE under the ring name Mickie James, performing on the Raw brand.

Biography Edit

Throughout much of Mickie James’ WWE career, there are some who considered her a peppy, energetic sweetheart. But she’s proven to be as dangerous in the ring as any that came before her.

A lifelong Virginian, Mickie spent years honing her craft with the goal of becoming one of the greatest female Superstars in history. To this end, the athletic master of a ring-pounding Implant DDT has gone to war with the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita, Maryse, Gail Kim and Alicia Fox. She fought in legendary battles against Beth Phoenix and against simply “flawless” adversaries Team LayCool, Michelle McCool and Layla. And she did it all while amassing WWE gold and all the glory that came with it.

Mickie has captured six Women’s Championships, and at one point, became the second Superstar to hold both the Women’s and the Divas Titles simultaneously. She did this all while establishing herself as one of the alpha females of WWE and a true force to be wrecked with across the board.

Though Mickie departed WWE in April 2010, she reemerged in fall 2016 and challenged NXT Champion Asuka at NXT TakeOver: Toronto. She stunned the WWE Universe on Jan. 17, 2017, when it was discovered that she was in fact the mysterious La Luchadora who had been helping SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss make Becky Lynch’s life miserable for weeks. Now that the Superstar Shake-up has brought her to Raw, Mickie James looks to write a whole new chapter in her incredible career.

Don’t be fooled from what you hear. Behind that peppy façade is one of the most dangerous and gifted Superstars around.

- WWE,com

Other media Edit

James, along with Ken Anderson, represented WWE at the 2008 Republican National Convention, in an effort to persuade fans to register to vote in the 2008 Presidential election. On April 13, 2008, James, along with LaylaMelina and Kelly Kelly, appeared as guest trainers in '. On September 5 of that same year, James appeared on the USA Network show Psych, portraying a villainous roller derby girl called Rita "Lethal Weapon" Westwood, in the episode "Talk Derby to Me". James made a special appearance on Redemption Song which is hosted by Chris Jericho along with Candice Michelle, Maryse, and Eve Torres. It was originally aired on November 12, 2008. In 2012, James was featured in Bucky Covington's music video for his song "Drinking Side of Country". In June 2013, James starred in a Dr Pepper advert, which featured "One of a Kind" individuals talking about the role of Dr. Pepper in their lives. 

James has appeared in six WWE video games. She made her in-game debut at WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 and appears in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 and WWE 2K18.

Personal life Edit

When she is finished with her wrestling career, James plans to own a farm and be an equine trainer. James owns three Morgan horses named Rhapsody, Bunny and Casanova. James also owns two dogs, one named Butch and a Miniature Pinscher named Elvis. Outside of wrestling, James received her Associate of Artsdegree in business administration, and studied for her Bachelor of Arts degree in operations management.

James is part Native American of the Powhatan tribe. James has two tattoos: a symbol meaning 'love' on her ankle, and a dragon that wraps around it. James is a fan of Equine sports and American Football, and is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

In 2007, James was engaged to fellow wrestler Kenny Dykstra. On September 25, 2014, James and Nick Aldis, better known by his ring name Magnus, welcomed their first child, a boy named Donovan Patrick Aldis. James and Aldis got engaged in December 2014 and married on December 31, 2015.

In wrestling Edit

  • Finishing moves
    • Cross-legged STF — 2013
    • Laree DDT / Mickie-DT (Standing tornado DDT or a jumping DDT, with theatrics) — 2005–present
    • Long Kiss Goodnight / Mick Kick (Reverse roundhouse kick, sometimes with a kiss on the opponent) — 2005–present
    • Mick Kick (Roundhouse kick) — 2006; parodied from Trish Stratus
    • Stratusfaction (Springboard bulldog, with theatrics) — 2005–2006; parodied from Trish Stratus
  • Signature moves
    • Arm-trap neckbreaker, used as a counter to an oncoming opponent
    • Bulldog
    • Spinning Sole Kick followed by a Jumping Kick
    • Flapjack, sometimes followed by a kip-up
    • Hurricanrana
    • Implant DDT
    • Mick-a-rana (Rope-aided hurricanrana from out of the corner)
    • Multiple kick variations
      • Back
      • Leg Feed Enzuigiri
      • Spin
    • Multiple pin variations
      • Crucifix
      • Jackknife
      • Roll-up
      • Victory roll
    • Snapmare, followed by a running low–angle front dropkick to the opponent's front or back
    • Thesz press, followed by multiple punches, sometimes from the top rope
    • Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors Takedown
  • Wrestlers managed
    • A.J. Styles
    • Christian York
    • Amazing Red
    • Chris Cage
    • CM Punk
    • Joey Matthews
    • Julio Dinero
    • Raven
    • Tommy Dreamer
    • Trish Stratus
    • Super Crazy
    • Kofi Kingston
    • Alexa Bliss
  • Entrance themes
    • "Girlfriend" by Dale Oliver (TNA)
    • "Day Dreamin' Fazes" by Kottonmouth Kings (ROH)
    • "Just a Girl" by No Doubt (OVW)
    • "Time To Rock 'N Roll" by Lil' Kim (WWE; October 10, 2005 – March 18, 2006; used while teaming with and accompanying Trish Stratus)
    • "Ice Breaker" by Jim Johnston (WWE; October 31 – November 1, 2005)
    • "Obsession" by Jim Johnston (WWE/NXT; January 8, 2006 – April 23, 2010; November 19, 2016 – present)
    • "Hardcore Country" by Mickie James and Serg Salinas (TNA/AAA/Independent circuit)
    • "The Spark" by Kenny Wootton and Harley Wootton (Chikara)

Championships and accomplishments Edit

  • Covey Promotions
    • Covey Pro Women's Championship (1 time)
    • Covey Pro Hall of Fame (2014)
  • CyberSpace Wrestling Federation
    • CSWF Women's Championship (1 time)
  • Dynamite Championship Wrestling
    • DCW Women's Championship (1 time)
  • Ground Xero Wrestling
    • GXW Women's Championship (1 time, current)
  • Impact Championship Wrestling
    • ICW Super Juniors Championship (1 time)
  • International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom
    • IPW: UK Women's Champion (1 time)
  • Maryland Championship Wrestling
    • MCW Women's Championship (1 time)
  • Premier Wrestling Federation
    • PWF Universal Women's Championship (1 time)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated
    • Woman of the Year (2009, 2011)
    • Ranked No. 1 of the top 50 female wrestlers in the PWI Female 50 in 2009
  • Southern Championship Wrestling
    • SCW Diva Championship (1 time)
  • Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
    • TNA Knockouts Championship (3 times)
    • TNA World Cup of Wrestling (2013) – with Christopher Daniels, James Storm, Kazarian, and Kenny King
  • Ultimate Championship Wrestling
    • UCW Women's Championship (1 time)
  • Ultimate Wrestling Federation
    • UWF Women's Championship (2 times)
  • World Wrestling Entertainment

Social Media Edit

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