Night of Champions (2011)
Night of Champions 2011 poster
Promotion WWE
Date September 18, 2011
Venue First Niagara Center
City Buffalo, New York
Attendance 11,000
Last Event SummerSlam
Next Event Hell in a Cell
Night of Champions (2011) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by WWE and presented by WowWee's Light Strike that took place on September 18, 2011 at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York. It was the fourth annual WWE Night of Champions event and the eleventh in the WWE Vengeance/Night of Champions overall chronology.

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Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix Edit

Kelly Kelly defeated Beth Phoenix at Night of Champions to retain the Divas Championship, proving once again she’s not just a pretty face, but a fierce opponent. It was her second consecutive pay-per-view victory and successful title defense against The Glamazon, which was no small task. 

“Competing against Beth in her hometown was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my entire life. As soon as I walked through that curtain, I knew the WWE Universe would be on Beth’s side. So I just had to block everybody out. I was in this to win it,” Kelly Kelly told after the match.

With her big victory on a night where every championship was on the line, Kelly Kelly was out to show that she’s not the “cute, perky blond bimbo” whose days were numbered, as Beth has described. 

“I tuned everybody out and showed a side of me no one has ever seen before. I wanted to show people I am not giving up. I proved I am not just a pretty face,” the Divas Champion said.

During the hard-fought match, Beth took her opponent down with an extraordinary suplex off the top rope and nearly pinned her, but Kelly Kelly kicked out just before the three-count. Beth’s hometown crowd was behind her as she almost Glam Slammed her way to a win, but Kelly Kelly reversed the finisher and rolled up The Glamazon for the victory.

“After this match tonight, I hope I’ve proved some people wrong. We’re trying to step up in the Divas division, show that we’re not just pretty faces. I felt like I proved that tonight,” Kelly Kelly said. “I am proving it for all the models out there, who do believe in a dream. This is my dream to be Divas Champion, and I am proving it.”

Earlier this summer, The Glamazon and Natalya made it clear they were determined to change the very face of the Divas division, wiping out its “Cinderellas” and capturing the title for themselves. Despite her impressive stature and unparalleled strength in the ring, Beth couldn’t claim the butterfly-emblazoned title in front of her hometown crowd at Night of Champions, thanks to Kelly Kelly.

With two impressive victories over Beth, has Kelly Kelly finally proven to not only her fellow Divas, but the WWE Universe, that she is worthy of continuing her title reign? Or will Beth and Natalya continue their quest not only for the Divas Championship, but to change the face of the division?

“The sky is the limit for me,” Kelly Kelly said with confidence. “I am holding on to my Divas Championship. Whoever wants to step up next, I’ll prove them wrong, too. I plan to keep this as long as I can.”

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