Royal Rumble (2010)
Rumble 2010
Promotion WWE
Date January 31, 2010
Venue Philips Arena
City Atlanta, Georgia
Attendance 16,697
Last Event Tables, Ladders & Chairs
Next Event Elimination Chamber
Royal Rumble (2010) was the twenty-third annual Royal Rumble professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). It took place on January 31, 2010, at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia and featured talent from the Raw, SmackDown, and ECW brands. As has been customary since 1993, the Royal Rumble match winner received a match at that year's WrestleMania, (in this instance: WrestleMania XXVI) for his choice at either the WWE Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship, or the ECW Championship.

Event summaryEdit

Michelle McCool vs Mickie JamesEdit

Mickie James overcame humiliation at Royal Rumble by defeating Michelle McCool and winning the Women's Championship for the fifth time.

For weeks, Women's Champion Michelle McCool and Layla have been one of the cruelest duos in the history of WWE. They have maintained an upper hand over Mickie James by taunting and teasing her, referring to the multiple-time Women's Champion as "Piggy James." Mickie has tried to stand up for herself, but Michelle and Layla only become nastier as the weeks moved on, and have stopped at nothing to humiliate Mickie.

Recently on SmackDown, Mickie and Layla held a "going away party" in Mickie's honor where they ended up shoving cake in her face and pouring a bowl of punch over her head. The next week on SmackDown, Layla wore a pig nose and fat suit in perhaps the worst mocking of Mickie yet.

At Royal Rumble, Michelle told the WWE Universe that there would be no match because "Piggy James" disappeared after the humiliation endured at the party. Layla then came to ringside again wearing a "Piggy James" fat suit as Michelle continued her cruel teasing.

Enough was enough, and Mickie James charged into the arena, first taking out Layla before entering the ring. Shocked, Michelle was caught off-guard and Mickie was able to use that to her advantage, quickly hitting the Mickie DDT to defeat Michelle.

Not only did Mickie regain the Women's Title, but she got some sweet revenge by shoving cake into Michelle and Layla's faces. While karma was not in Michelle and Layla's favor, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, The Bella Twins, Eve and Maria showed Mickie their support by celebrating her victory in the ring, proving to Mickie that they are her true friends.

On this night, Mickie James' actions spoke louder than words, as she returned the humiliation she has endured for weeks.


Glamazon makes Rumble 'her'-storyEdit


Smart. Sexy. Powerful. And the No. 6 entrant in the 2010 Royal Rumble.

While the entire WWE locker room claimed to be "The One," it was Beth Phoenix who truly committed to the mantra as the one—and only—Diva to compete in the Rumble Match in more than a decade, only the second in history.

"Tonight was my night to step up and step out of the Divas division into a league of my own," proclaimed Phoenix, moments after her Rumble effort. "With every single obstacle that's been put in front of me, I've not only reached my goals," Beth boasted, "but I've far surpassed what everyone has ever expected from me."

With WrestleMania XXVI emanating from Phoenix, Ariz., it seemed fitting for Beth to endeavor to compete at The Biggest Spectacle of Them All on March 28. But perhaps no one expected The Glamazon to vie for her guaranteed ticket to the mega-event by entering the 2010 Royal Rumble Match. (Read full Rumble story)

"This is me stepping forward and making history," she added, concise yet effectively emphatic.

Phoenix picked the perfect platform. This particular 30-"man" Rumble clash was revered as the most star-studded ever, featuring a slew of former World Champions, not to mention the current Intercontinental, United States and Unified Tag Team Champions. Unfazed by the likes of John Cena, Batista and D-Generation X, the match's lone woman (successfully) targeted the most towering threat.

"Competing against men is nothing new to me and defeating men is nothing new to me," Beth boldly stated. "Being a woman, I knew I was going in as the underdog, but I had something those 29 other men didn't -- the seductive ability of a woman. The Great Khali fell for it and I took advantage. The sucker learned the hard way."

Solely ousting a leviathan from the 23rd Royal Rumble (post-lip-lock), The Glamazon propelled not just The Punjabi Playboy from the ring, but also projected her career to an incomparable level. More importantly, though ultimately defeated in battle, Beth's mere presence in the epic Rumble joust secured a major victory for a locker room of her Diva peers—whether Phoenix wishes to share this achievement or not.

"All the WWE Divas should eat their hearts out right now because none of them have the mettle to do what I did," argued the two-time Women's Champion. "I'm in a category all my own."

Historically, only one other female has ever partaken in the all-important Royal Rumble Match. In 1999 and 2000, Chyna not only competed in this raucous contest, but also eliminated her helping of Superstars—Mark Henry ('99) and Chris Jericho ('00) -- paving the way for Phoenix's ascension one decade later.

"Despite Chyna's accomplishments [in the Rumble]," Beth said, "I eliminated The Great Khali. Seven-foot-three, 420 pounds. No small feat."

"I am WWE's Glamazon," she decreed. "Chyna was WWE's Ninth Wonder of the World … mostly called so because people wondered whether she was a man or a woman. I often wonder this, myself."

Backing up her irreverence, Beth envisions a fantasy femme fatale fight with Chyna—a Diva whom Phoenix once aspired to be like, but now aims to eclipse.

"Chyna would have had a slight size advantage in her prime," The Glamazon explained, "but I'll tell you what Chyna was missing and that was heart."

Phoenix continued, "Chyna got comfortable, she got soft in her position. I'm quite the opposite. I get better and better."

"In the ring, toe-to-toe with me, Chyna doesn't compare."

But Beth's focus doesn't lie in a futile rivalry about 10 years too late. After savoring the taste of Royal Rumble action, the glamorous warrior is already yearning for a repeat appearance, en route to fulfilling a very attainable quest.

"I hope that my performance earned me another opportunity to show what I have next year," Beth revealed.

"I want WWE fans in the future to look back and see The Glamazon as the most dominant Diva in wrestling history. She came, she conquered, she ruled WWE."

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Royal Rumble 2010 - Michelle McCool vs02:28

Royal Rumble 2010 - Michelle McCool vs. Mickie James - Women's Championship Match Royal Rumble 2010

Beth Phoenix becomes the second Diva to enter a Royal01:16

Beth Phoenix becomes the second Diva to enter a Royal

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