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Welcome to the WWE Divas!

This is a collaborative website about the WWE Divas that anyone can edit! I am adding new pages and pictures every day! The purpose of this wiki is to educate people on the long history of the women in WWE and what made it what it is today. There is a LOT of information online, so my goal here is to give the most accurate information possible.


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Main Roster

Developmental Divas

WWE Alumni

Former WWE Divas

Aksanaicon3 Amywicon Amyzicon Anastaciaicon Ariel icon Ashleyicon1 Ashleyvicon1 Audreymarieicon Bbicon Bethicon1 Brookeicon Candiceicon1 Carmellaicon Cayleeicon1 Cherryicon1 Christy icon Chynaicon Courtneyicon Dawnicon1
Aksana Amy W. Amy Z. Anastacia Ariel Ashley M. Ashley V. Audrey B.B. Beth Brooke Candice Carmella Caylee Cherry Christy Chyna Courtney Dawn
Debraicon Eveicon1 Francineicon Gailicon Hirokoicon Ivoryicon1 Jackieicon Jacqueline icon Jamieicon Jazzicon1 Jillianicon1 Joyicon Kaitlynicon3 Katieicon Kellyicon1 Kendalicon1 Kharmaicon1 Krissyicon Kristalicon1
Debra Eve Francine Gail Hiroko Ivory Jackie Jacqueline Jamie Jazz Jillian Joy Kaitlyn Katie Kelly Kendall Kharma Krissy Kristal
Laurenicon1 Laurenmicon Lenaicon Lindaicon Litaicon1 Lunaicon1 Mae icon Mamaicon Mandyicon Mariaicon1 Mariannaicon Marissaicon Maryseicon1 Maxineicon1 Melinaicon1 Michelleicon1 Mickie icon
Lauren J. Lauren M. Lena Linda Lita Luna Mae Mama Mandy Maria Marianna Marissa Maryse Maxine Melina Michelle Mickie
Mollyicon1 Moolah icon Mrsyamaguchiicon Muffyicon Nicoleicon Nidiaicon Rebeccabicon Rebeccadicon Rochelleicon Rueicon Ryanicon Sableicon1 Saraicon Savannahicon Serenaicon1 Shaniquaicon
Molly Moolah Mrs. Yamaguchi Muffy Nicole Nidia Rebecca B. Rebecca D. Rochelle Rue Ryan Sable Sara Savannah Serena Shaniqua
Sharmellicon Sofiaicon1 Stacyicon1 Sunnyicon1 Terriicon Tiffanyicon1 Toriicon1 Torrieicon1 Trinityicon1 Trishicon1 Veronicaicon Vickieicon1 Victoria icon 2
Sharmell Sofia Stacy Sunny Terri Tiffany Tori Torrie Trinity Trish Veronica Vickie Victoria


History of the Divas

Universe Era

2014 television episodes
2014 pay-per-view events
2013 television episodes
2013 pay-per-view events
2012 television episodes
2012 pay-per-view events
2011 television episodes
2011 pay-per-view events
2010 television episodes
2010 pay-per-view events
2009 television episodes
2009 pay-per-view events
2008 television episodes
2008 pay-per-view events

Ruthless Aggression Era

2007 television episodes
2007 pay-per-view events
2006 television episodes
2006 pay-per-view events
2005 television episodes
2005 pay-per-view events
2004 television episodes
2004 pay-per-view events
2003 television episodes
2003 pay-per-view events
2002 television episodes
2002 pay-per-view events

Attitude Era

2001 television episodes
2001 pay-per-view events
2000 television episodes
2000 pay-per-view events
1999 television episodes
1999 pay-per-view events
1998 television episodes
1998 pay-per-view events
1997 television episodes
1997 pay-per-view events

New Generation Era

1996 pay-per-view events
1995 pay-per-view events
1994 pay-per-view events
1993 pay-per-view events

The Golden Era

1992 pay-per-view events
1991 pay-per-view events
1990 pay-per-view events
1989 pay-per-view events
1988 pay-per-view events
1987 pay-per-view events
1986 pay-per-view events
1985 pay-per-view events
1985 television episodes
1984 television episodes

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