Event resultsEdit

  • Singles Match for the WWE United States Championship: John Bradshaw Layfield (w/ Jillian Hall) pinned US Champion Chris Benoit to win the title at 9:47 by rolling through while caught in the Crippler Crossface and grabbing the ropes for leverage.
  • Hardcore Match: Edge (w/ Lita) pinned Mick Foley at 14:37 by pinning him outside the ring after spearing Foley off the apron and through a flaming table.
  • Singles Match for the WWE Women's Championship: Mickie James defeated Women's Champion Trish Stratus at 8:50 with the Chick Kick
  • Playboy Pillow Fight: Torrie Wilson pinned Candice Michelle at 3:55 with a roll up after avoiding a charge in the corner

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