Wrestlemania X-Seven
WM 17
Promotion WWF
Date April 1, 2001
Venue Reliant Astrodome
City Houston, Texas
Attendance 67,925
Last Event No Way Out
Next Event Backlash

Event resultsEdit

  • 6-Man Tag Team Match: Tazz & The APA (w/ Jacqueline) defeated Bull Buchanon, the Goodfather, & Val Venis (w/ Steven Richards) at 3:53 when Bradshaw pinned Goodfather with the Clothesline from Hell after avoiding the Ho Train [1]
  • Singles Match for the WWF Women's Championship: Chyna pinned WWF Women's Champion Ivory to win the title at 2:39 by casually laying on top of the champion following a gorilla press slam. [2]
  • Street Fight: Shane McMahon pinned Vince McMahon (w/ Stephanie McMahon) in a streetfight at 14:12 following the Van Terminator off the top rope into a trash can; late in the match, Trish Stratus came out, pushing a sedated Linda McMahon to ringside in a wheelchair, helped Vince up on the floor, and slapped him; moments later, Trish and Stephanie fought in and out of the ring resulting in Trish stalking Stephanie backstage; moments later, Vince dragged Linda into the ring and assaulted Shane with a number of trash cans until Linda sat up and hit a low blow on Vince, proving she was never sedated and it was a set up all along; moments later, guest referee Mick Foley assaulted Vince in the corner, allowing Shane to set Vince up for the finish; prior to the bout, Shane acknowledged the WCW stars in the skybox, among them Stacy Keibler, Sean O'Haire, Lance Storm, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Hugh Morrus, Mark Jindrak, Mike Awesome, Shawn Stasiak, and several others. [3]

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